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Tarot Reading

tarot reading, tarot card reading, tarot free, online tarotThe tarot card is really an interesting tool in psychic readings that most people want to be familiar with, not only to develop a skill in psychic reading but also to learn how the cards can help in analyzing the past, unraveling the present, and in looking forward to the future.

In present years tarot reading has been one of the leading methods of psychics in order to tell everything that their clients asks. You can think of daily life problems, love issues, money concerns and almost every other question that lifes brings.

The mystery within every interpretation of each card is based on how the tarot card reader read between the lines and every clue is substantial for the accuracy of the tarot card reading.

It is understandable that knowing the principles of reading the tarot cards is a long learning process but as soon as you have started the practice then you will say that it is the most motivating psychic reading talent that somebody could get used to.

Tarot Reading History

Tarot really started from a card game. It began in Europe around 14th century and had four suits that varied in each region. Each of the suits included cards that had numbers with it starting from ace to ten. It also includes four (4) face cards which gives us a total of 14 cards. Additionally, the tarot reading was normally distinguished by separate trump suit of 21 cards. From this trump suit there was a single card that was referred to as ‘Fool’. In these days tarot was known under the name of 'trionfi’ and sometimes you see this traditional name still showing up, other names that were associated with tarot in the later years include tarock and tarocchi. The tarot cards from back then have many similarities with a nowadays card stock like used in poker, in the later years tarot really evolved to what it is today.

The real tarot reading with these cards began during the year 1540. During these times, the cards where only used in selecting a random oracle but they did not had any meaning within themselves at all. It was later on when it was really associated with magic and mysticism. After that it got widely accepted during the 18th century and the cards where replaced by the spreads we see nowadays, seperated in the major and minor arcana.

Other Uses of Tarot Reading

Aside from using tarot cards from fortune telling, it also has other uses (ex. literature). During the 16th century it was used as a tool to write a poem which is known as ‘Tarocchi Appropriati”. In general, this poem describes the court ladies or some other famous personalities during that time.

Another use of tarot reading was used in psychoanalysis. It was Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst, who used tarot reading cards as a tool to his field of work. He presented the importance of the tarot reading since it provides symbolism or archetypes in psychoanalysis. It was later suggested by Timothy Leary that the trump cards of tarot are pictorial representations of the development of human from his infancy.

Where to Find a Good Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading is a big help in times that you want to improve your daily living and this could be possible if you consult a reputable or professional psychic. In spite of this, tarot reading had became one of the trusted methods in psychic reading and many people around the globe want to have a free tarot card reading through some online sites. Most free tarot readings use a application for offering 3 free tarot cards. Other ones allow you to ask one free question and charge you for the rest. It's really up to you when using a free psychic reading or tarot reading.

Please be aware that these days there is alot of scam going when having a online tarot reading from a non trusted source. In the end we only want accurate answers and only a true and gifted psychic can give you the guidance that really helps. Nobody wants to pay a fee for someone who is trying to scam you, or do you?

By our years of experience with tarot reading, we selected the best and most trustful tarot reading resources on the web. Below and inside this post you will find the best online psychic sources that only work with gifted readers. This way you can be sure to get all the proper answers for a reasonable price and be sure you wont get scammed.