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Learning the Basics of a Tarot Reading

Do you have some questions regarding your personal life and you are looking for immediate answers? Are you fond of tarot reading and you’re looking for a tarot card reading or a psychic reading? Then please read the following first to learn the basics of tarot reading.

By means of a tarot reading, many unanswered questions are being resolved through divinatory meanings of every symbol in the cards as represented in the deck.

Through the years many believers consider tarot cards as a way of finding answers and use it as guidance in their life.

Let’s discover more about a tarot reading, how it works, how they are used in psychic readings and who the trusted online tarot sources on the internet are.

How a Tarot Reading Works

A typical deck of tarot reading cards contains 78 cards and they are divided into two different stocks: These two divisions are called the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major and Minor Arcana are essential in tarot card reading and how to play the cards for more accuracy.

Tarot Reading and The Major Arcana

Tarot Reading BasicsThe group of cards in the Major Arcana is also called as “Trump Cards” or the Greater Secrets. It comprises of twenty-two cards and among the popular tarot reading cards in this group are the “The Fool” (unnumbered card represented by ‘0’), “The Magician” (also known as the Juggler or Magus), “The Lovers”, “Wheel of Fortune”, and the “Death” card. The Fool is normally interpreted as beggar as the symbol shows a man wearing rugged clothes without shoes while carrying a stick. The Magician is the first trump card in tarot card reading and it symbolizes creativeness or talent; while The Lovers signifies relationships. When the Wheel of Fortune is shown in the deck, interpreting its meaning will be based on the other tarot reading cards accompanied in the deck. Furthermore, the “Death” card is being interpreted into various meanings such as sadness, goodbyes, psychological transformation, and loss.

Tarot Reading and The Minor Arcana

On the other hand, the Minor Arcana is also known as the “Lesser Secrets” and comprises of fifty-six tarot reading cards. There are four suits in this division and every suit is consisting of 14 cards. Traditionally, the four suits are described as swords, coins, batons, and cups. There are also four court cards in Minor Arcana which is the King, Queen, Jack, and the Knight. In addition, the four suits also symbolize the four elements such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Once you are familiar in the basics of tarot reading then playing them will be easy especially with psychic readings.

Where to Get a Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading is a big help in times that you want to improve your daily living and this could be possible if you consult a reputable or professional psychic. In spite of this, tarot card reading had became one of the trusted methods in psychic reading and many people around the globe want to have a free tarot reading through some online sites. And how you can be sure that it’s absolutely free? The best solution is to read first the terms and conditions upon using a free psychic & tarot reading website or you can go directly to its CS department for further details of the free offering.

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